Elite Performance In Action

Twisted Development provides specialized services to optimize your dirtbike's performance, including dyno tuning, camshaft degreeing, and engine blueprinting. Trust our expert team to take your ride to the next level.

DYNO Tuning

Twisted Development offers in-house Dyno tuning services for your high-performance motorcycle. Whether your bike is fuel-injected or carbureted, our state-of-the-art dynamometer and dyno room provide a controlled environment for precise tuning. With clean circulating air simulating on-track conditions, we ensure repeatability between runs and optimal performance for your motorcycle. Race teams, engine tuners, exhaust manufacturers, and fuel injection tuners can rent our high-tech dyno facility by the hour to test new performance parts. Contact Twisted Development to make your appointment today.

  • Engine Blue Printing

    Part of every build is going to be checking the crankshaft to be true as well as looking at all aspects of cam timing/ valve to piston clearance squish ring land gap as well as many other checks and balances to ensure the most performance for every build.

  • Cam Shaft Degreeing

    We designed a digital camshaft fixture to check if the camshaft is correctly phased with the crankshaft. This allows us to dyno any possible camshaft lobe center and confirm the direction of camshaft development for optimal power.

  • Vapor Blasting

    Vapor blasting, utilizing a liquid slurry mixture with water and an abrasive like glass beads or aluminum oxide, offers a super clean finish for motorcycle and automotive parts. It can remove rust from chrome without dulling it and is safe for gasket mating surfaces, preserving dimensions.


We build a lot of different spec engines and tune a ton of other engines built by other builders and this gives us our biggest advantage in a depth of library when it comes to picking maps for different applications. We are not having to guess as we likely have already seen a engine spec close to yours. The most extreme maps are coming from snow bikes and flat track as the use a totally different intake and exhaust configuration. The ecu user experience is our favorite part of setting up a ecu for the way that you want to ride your motorcycle not the way that your motorcycle has to ride.


    The REM® Process is REM Surface Engineering’s original, break-through chemically accelerated surface finishing technology for traditionally manufactured components.  It is a suite of isotropic finishing and superfinishing processes design to accommodate large batch volume component processing.


    The REM Process is known to reduce cycle time, media consumption, and manufacturing operations while improving final surface finish surface quality.  As a polishing process, the REM Process has been shown to be the most cost-efficient and reliable surface finishing process.

  • Cerakote

    Cerakote offers ceramic-based coatings that endure high temperatures, thermal cycling, and thermal shock, while providing exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance. These environmentally friendly, VOC-exempt coatings are cost-effective, easy to apply, and enhance both the performance and aesthetics of products. Increasingly, manufacturers are switching to Cerakote for its superior protective and functional finishes.

  • Bead Blasting

    Bead blasting typically refers to projecting media in the form of beads or spheres against a substrate like stainless steel or aluminum to achieve a conditioned surface. Unlike most abrasive blasting, which uses jagged media and leaves a coarser finish, bead blasting uses round media to create a smooth, uniform finish, often resulting in a dull "satin" appearance. This process is commonly used on aluminum parts to maintain their base color and achieve a whiter or brighter finish, contrasting with other materials like aluminum oxide or silica carbide, which leave a darker finish.