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2023-24 KTM 350SXF High Flow Stage 1 Head (Head Only*)

Stage 1 modifications:
-CNC Porting w/ epoxy to TD specifications
-Stock Valve Seats blended for optimum flow
-Head is decked for increased compression
-Brand new head 0 run time
Our stage 1 heads retain the stock steel valve seat material. They make as much power as our full race heads due to them having the same CNC porting spec. Stock valve seats will have a longer service interval than race seats due to it being a harder, more resilient material for the valve to seal against. However, in high revving engines the harder stock seats can cause the valve to eventually fail. Upgraded race seats are recommended for race applications where the engine will be ridden harder and revved higher than normal. We have this option available as well.
This head fits all stock valvetrain components; we recommend new oem valves to not damage the new valve seat sealing surface. Head can be used with stock piston and ecu, or can be combined with our TD spec race piston and Vortex ecu for best performance.
*head does not include valves, springs, seats, retainers, or valve seals. These can all be transferred from your current head if they are in new condition


Video Review of KTM 350SXF with TD Head:

2023-24 KTM 350SXF Stage 1 High Flow Head

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