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Honesty, Integrity,
and Power


Owner, Jamie Ellis, grew up racing motocross events across southern Louisiana and Texas. It was at an early age that Jamie grew a passion for racing and development. Post high school he chose to study and get a technical degree in aviation. After completion of college, Jamie took a job with Maestro Suzuki as mechanic for Jeff Dement. During the 2005 supercross and motocross race season it was clear to Jamie that performance and development was what he wanted to pursue as a career path. After the 2005 race series Jamie goes on to work for some of the top race teams in supercross/motocross such as Yamaha of Troy, Factory Red Bull KTM, Canidae Kawasaki, Rockstar Energy Suzuki-KTM.


At the end of 2010 Jamie took over the in-house development  at Rockstar Suzuki and began working on a development program separate from the Factory Rockstar Suzuki team. He eventually took over building and developing the engines during the 2011 motocross race season. From the 2011 motocross season and on, Jamie was head of R & D as crew chief for the Rockstar Energy race team. It was the 2012 supercross season that the performance and riders finally met paths as a team and had numerous holeshot awards and podiums. In the 2013 supercross series the team went on to Win Anahiem 1 in the 450 class and lead the 450 championship until round 9 and had multiple holeshots and race wins on both west and east coast lites.


Established in 2014 Twisted Development racing now offers championship level services to the public. With the growth of a young family and not wanting to see his kids grow up from afar Jamie now feels is the perfect time to build a business that values itself in honesty, integrity and power.



Jamie Ellis



Jim Braho

Shop Foreman


Rachel Guy



Brian Schehr

Sales Manager


Kevin Brooks

Service Manager



Mike Jones



Amy Puffer

Head of HR

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