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We Build a KTM Factory Edition Killer | Twisted Development 450 SX-F

The 2020 KTM 450 SX-F is an incredible machine in bone-stock condition. It’s got a monster powerband with a good deal of adjustability thanks to its dual map switch and traction control settings, excellent handling characteristics, and good suspension that offers a wide range of adjustability. With the release of the 2020.5 Factory Edition a few months later, we got the itch to see how easy it would to make the standard bike into a superior machine, with some mild engine and suspension work. For around $2500 for a Stage 1 Engine Package from Twisted Development and a suspension rebuild from REP Suspension that included a WP Spring Conversion Kit, our test bike stood head and shoulders above the refined 450 SX-F Factory Edition bike. Of course, we couldn’t stop there so we added some more performance parts that we knew would benefit the overall performance of the bike, and finished it off with some cosmetic upgrades.

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